Bibb lettuce being grown in Meck's hydroponic greenhouse Bibb lettuce being grown in Meck's hydroponic greenhouse

Hydroponic Greenhouse

Do you ever get tired of having to throw out lettuce from California that just doesn’t last and most definitely does not taste as good as luscious Home Grown Greens? Well we sure did! That’s why, in 2013, we decided to build a Hydroponic Greenhouse on our Farm! Now we can provide your family with fresh Home Grown lettuces and other greens from our farm even in the “dead of winter”!

Our Hydroponic System uses the nutrient film technique (NFT). Simply put, the NFT system is a series of PVC channels through which a small stream of nutrient-enriched water flows, creating a “nutrient film” for the plant roots to rest in and absorb the nutrients they need to grow. The NFT system is a recirculating system meaning that the only water lost in the system is that which is absorbed into the plants. This means that it requires only about 10% of the water required when growing in soil.

The result is Fresh, clean, Chemical Free vegetables that are nutrient rich to feed your family, no matter what season the temperature says it is!

Interior of the Meck's Hydroponic greenhouse.
Basil being grown in the Meck's Hydroponic Greenhouse.

Hydroponic Crops

What we raise in our Chemical Free Hydroponic Greenhouse:

- Bibb Lettuce (Red and Green)
- Romaine Lettuce
- Red and Green Leaf Lettuces
- Salad Medley (mix of 6 leaf lettuces)
- Basil
- Arugula
- WaterCress
- Dill
- BokChoy

We love what we do and pride ourselves in providing you with exceptionally fresh tasting food for your families.